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Notes From Chief Kelley

Let me start by saying North Canton Fire Department has the greatest group of men and women who put their lives on the line to serve our community. I could not ask for a more professional group of fire fighters. North Canton is proud to say we have 38 firefighters and one professional associate member. A lot of our members are on specialty teams throughout our county. Since becoming a fire department over 60 year (as of 2022) ago I am only the 4th Chief. That speaks volumes in its self. We are always moving forward with the modern fire service. As Chief, these folks make me more and more proud as time clicks by. We have completed our audit from the NC DOI to lower our ISO Rating and achieved a rating of 4 district wide. This should save money for all our homeowners in our district. The hours and hours of dedicated work that went towards this effort paid off in a MAJOR way and for that I say THANK YOU!!!  We now through a grant are working towards starting a Drone Program to assist in our community, county and surround areas. We are also beginning to work on a replacement of our brush truck / engine over the next year. North Canton is currently working on multiple other grants to assist in the purchases of needed equipment. We cannot sit still in this dynamic industry. We always need to be moving forward and looking for ways to improve the job we are called to do. Be ready NCFD, Be safe NCFD, and hang on for the ride NCFD!!!!



  -----------God Bless you and Be Safe


  -----------Chief Steve Kelley

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